>What a week


(My Boys hanging out together, Hanging out at the National Park, The Rockie Mountains, Jake and Alex and the top of the trail, The National Park we stopped at, Helping Daddy Drive, Patrick enjoying his prune juice, Jacob being silly at craft time, going on a carriage ride, snowcone time, with all his new tiger friends, cotton candy boy, up the slide, and wee, going down the slide, “wild thing”, My sleepy boy waiting to get back into the stadium, Horrible picture of me with baggy eyes, though Jake did a good job on the focusing, Sleepy baby waiting to go in, Jacob taking it all in, Sky Sox tent city, Jake and Patrick in the tent, Patrick and I in the tent, my sleepy boys, and hanging out before the tent goes down.)

Wow, has it been a busy week. Last Sunday the 6th, Patrick turned 4 months old. Jake and I took him in for photos, the little bugger was not the most cooperative, but we did get some very cute photos anyway πŸ™‚

The next morning he went to the DR for his 4 month check up. He now weighs 12 lbs 13 oz, is 23 inches long, and has a 17 inch head. His weight and height are about 15% and his head 90%, that one is not a shocker in our family, actually runs a little small πŸ˜‰ He also got shots too, did much better that night than he did after his 2 month ones.

On Tues Jacob went to his therapy. He is in both speech and occupational, really for things that most would not notice, but due to his injury almost 4 years ago we are able to be on top of it. The main things his specialist suggested them for was his speech and handwriting. We actually may start him on some computerized program that could actually help with a lot of things that helps to reconnect some of the circuits, the program is called, Interactive Metronome, if you are interested in understanding it more, go to, http://www.interactivemetronome.com/.

Jacob is also playing baseball, but due to our typical July thunderstorms in the afternoon practice was cancelled, Alex and I are coaching his team. I was unable to go to practice anyway due to work.

Work has been fun, I think I am getting much better at it, which is why I am doing it, mainly to just learn and get paid at the same time. Also to help with our vacation at the end of the month and eventually pay down debt so I don’t have to work at all!!

Very early Wednesday morning Patrick was having a fit and would not stop crying for what turned into about 4 hours. I took him to the ER and it turned out he was very constipated. He was given a supositiry that by the time we left had not done it’s job yet. I went back to bed and I guess while I was sleeping Alex got to change the diaper where it worked. After I woke up we had a family day, including buying him prune juice. We stopped by the now old boyscout office and bought two tickets to the Fri night scout night Sky Sox baseball game and I also got a pass for us to camp out on the field after (more on that later). We then drove down 115 and all around parts of the south eastern Rockies, including going through a blasting zone, unbeknownst to us until we saw the sign saying we were leaving it. We never quite got where we wanted to go, but it was still a nice drive to somewhat get lost/turned around on. We did stop at a spot for a national park, and were very thankful for our just under $4/gallon gas. In a couple of the small towns we drove through it was up to almost $4.40 a gallon!!

Thursday Alex and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. we didn’t do much, just stayed together as a family. We did get a new laptop as our gift to each other and then Alex made some good ribs. After we put the boys to bed we just enjoyed a quite evening together.

Fri was one of the bussiest days. Alex and Jake we to Tigers at Day Camp, JAcob’s first Cub Scout activity. They seemed to have a real good time, though Alex could have done without the crafty parts, guess that is more my area πŸ™‚ Jacob got to shoot bbs and arrows and played games. He got a lot of his requirements done for some of his badges and even got a patch. BRought home lots of fun stuff. One of the mom’s that went did get some pictures that are supposed to be emailed to me, Alex did take a few too. Once I figure out how to upload photos on here I will.

I enjoyed a mostly quite day that day, when Patrick was sleeping. When the guys got home I found out that was a fire not far from our house, had no clue, was too hot to go outside and notice and wasn’t close enough to be warned I guess. You can see the chared grounds from our house though, maybe I will take a pic of that one too.

After they got home we packed and the boys and I headed up to Grandma and Grandpas to pick up the tent and headed to the Sky Sox’s game. Jake spent most of it in the paly zone but would catch bits of the game, was actually nicer for me cause then I could keep Patrick in his stroller and not have to hold him the entire time. We were supposed to see fireworks after the game, but it was too windy so they canceled them for safety. We ran back to our car and got our camping stuff. When we got on the field Jake chose a spot for us in short left center and we set up our tent, but this time it was near, if not past midnight. Once they turned off the lights Jake fell right to sleep. Patrick fell asleep for a little, but decided he wanted to nurse and did not want to go back in his sleep so he slept in my sleeping bag with me, which I had to keep slightly open to make sure it didn’t go over his face.

It took me a while to go to sleep due to the wind, it also would blow the tent a little since we weren’t allowed to use stakes, don’t want to damage the field, which is was the most comfortable grounds I have ever slept on, no rocks πŸ˜‰ Then I finally fell asleep and Jake decided to yell at his dad in his sleep, who was not there and was at home getting ready to go to work. I finally fell asleep again and then it was time to pack up to go. We had a loud airplane fly over and the people all around us packing up and those two slept right through it. Patrick didn’t wake til I put him in his car seat and Jake not tell I pretty much told him he had to get up.

We ran home so I could take a shower and then headed to our own baseball game that I got to coach due to Alex working, one of the dad’s helped out a lot, which I really appreciated. After that we came home and I took a little nap before heading to work for 6.5 hours. Due to me not being home much Tink wanted her time, Alex and a telemarketer called while I dried to nap and she would be all up cuddling on me when I would answer the phone. When I got home from work Alex made a nice dinner and then we all pretty much crashed and went to bed.

I will try to get this updated with photos and will also try to post weekly on our happenings πŸ™‚


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  1. >Wow, you never cease to amaze me, Maggie! What a full life you have and those little boys are just precious. Enjoy them! You will blink and they will be grown and gone with wives of their own and Mama will not be in the picture anymore.I am a little familiar with Interactive Metronome. I know it’s going to be great for your Jacob!

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