>We have our things

>Well, our things arrived yesterday and I have attempted to begin to unpack. School, Patrick, and just life have not let me do it as much as I would like. Some other homeschool moms mentioned taking the week off, but I just can’t, at least not right now and we do have Mon off (I take federal holidays off!! just like my hubby). Patrick has just been clingy, I think it has to do with the fact that he was at a babysitter’s house yesterday, and then was only home for about 30 min when he went with daddy and Jacob to gymnastics and then i went to a meeting. So, it was very had to do anything today when he was awake, hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day. He has gotten to the only wanting mommy stage in a lot of ways. And well, I had my meeting last night, Jacob had bowling today, and then I had a function tonight. We have nothing tomorrow other than school, so will focus on that and unpacking, then Fri we do have a Valentine party, but that is it til next Tues at 6 when Jacob has gymnastics. I would like to do some more painting too, get the kitchen done, so we shall see. Maybe a little of both here and there over the weekend 🙂 Well, I better get to work. I have taken some pics of the boys and kitties with the stuff being here, so will try to post those pics soon.


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  1. >Take it a little at a time Maggie. Looks like we are going to be moving soon too. Not as far as you, but still moving is so stressful. I will remain homeschooling thru our move too. Just take one day at a time. Praying for you.*nora*bless2bhome@yahoo.com

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