>Progress for Day 1

The mess I had to start with, it was SCAREY!!

At the end of the first 45 minutes I managed to the floor cleaned off. My son did help some.

This is where it all went 🙂

This is the end of my second rotation, the bed is cleared as is the desk. I began making the bed, but needed my son’s help in getting the mattress back on with the bed skirt.

Bed is made, chair back in and drawers back in, the items on the bed are what I was last going through when my break time came.

Another angle, the items on the floor and desk are also more items that I was going through when my time was up.

And the stack in the family room, it has shrunk slightly due to the two pieces of furniture moving back into the room.
I wanted to share with you the digital layouts that I have already begun. I tried to upload them into this blog, but that was just not going to happen with the file size and my computer, so I am including the link. Facebook Your Photos – Creative Memories Story Book Creator: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2047928&id=1161430373&l=f5cbc4aa04 So far I only have the Creative Memories Story Book Creator (www.cmsite.com/sites/memoriesiwthshari). Once my son’s comepetitve gymnastics season is over I will be ordering the Stampin Up Digital Scrapbooking program too (tamiimplay.stampinup.net).

I have also begun work in the craft room, in three 45 minute rotations, I have moved everything to the living room, minus what was in the desk, on the book shelf or in the closet. I also moved the bed and brought the chair and rubbermaid drawer thing back in. There were boxes on the chair and have begun going through them and organizing them better. I need to get some items to make this a little easier, but I am using what I have now. Though I did not empty the book shelf and closet I have already removed some things to go through and rearrange in those locations also. Here are pictures of my progress so far.

I hope to get more work done tomorrow, in reality I would like to be done by Monday, but we shall see with a busy long weekend for hubby.
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4 responses to “>Progress for Day 1

  1. >Good job Maggie!! you did that fast!!

  2. >ha, I emptied it fast, it is getting it all organized and back in that is going to take a while. Look at the last pitcure, that is what is left to do, plus what the little saint (as you like to call him) got into this morning in the room.

  3. >Maggie – I just love Creative Memories Software!! I just got Doug's 8X8 Heritage album back and it is so awesome!!

  4. >I am loving the point and click and the new starter software, but have no clue how to cut paper and what not. I have a friend here who uses it and will be getting help from her soon.

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