>week 3 of stash challange.

>here are my week three challanges for the apron string designs stash cyber crop. I got them all done this evening in about 3 hours 🙂 Kits and sketches are awesome, and being organized helps.

for day 11 we had to use two frames and one could not be around a picture.

for day 12 we had to use three different punches

For day 13 we had to use stickers

not sure why this one is sideways, but for day 14, we had to have one large element

day 15 was three rub ons, my rub ons were cracking bad, but I got them to work. One is on the center picture on the left page, 2nd is partially on the top picture on the right page, and above the bottom right picture on the right page.

I did not realize that my selection of kits was getting so low, I have 22 kits left, and these are not full kits, but maybe 1 or 2 layouts a kit. So though I didn’t get them all used up, and doubt I will by Fri (hubby’s pinning), I did battle a month of sickies and him being gone and still worked on my scrap stuff when I could. Now I need to make gets out of my tons of embelishments I have. But to reward myself, I am going to start getting the smaller than a breadbox from apron strings designs again 🙂 I am also going to set a new goal, and that is to use the kit as soon as I get it, and not let it sit around like these ones did (the newest was from 06).


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6 responses to “>week 3 of stash challange.

  1. Amy

    >Great job!!! I need to get organized. Stitching, scrapbooking, and unpacking!!!

  2. >Hurray!!!! Great job.

  3. >I LOVE EM!!! Especially the one of the guys! that is too cool! i will be starting to scrap here too asap!

  4. >Thanks, what I really like is every person from that day is a friend of mine on facebook 🙂

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