>Happy 234th Birthday America

>First I want to say Happy 4th of July. We had a wonderful family day. We did not go see any fireworks, but we did get to watch the show on the Capital, NYC, Boston, and the local fireworks shows all on tv. Tonight I wish we had HD, that would have been cool to see. We did also get to see and hear the fireworks neighbors were setting off.

I also want to remind everyone to think about the families who are celebrated the 4th without their loved ones due to them serving our great country!! I know a lot of families going through this right. Saddly, Freedom is NOT Free!!

Onto my scrapping for the day. I was able to get two layouts done with interuptions and it still did not take me that long. The hardest part tonight was finding a sketch that would work. But once I did that it was smooth sailing.

Assignment number 3 was to use a tag sketch. My tag is not EXACTLY like the one on their blog, but it is very smilar, and the sketch def inspired all my choices on the tag I made. (By the way this is the organization happy land I made in the boys’ bathroom, if only the rest of the house were this organized!!).

Assignment 4 was to create a monochramatic layout using red, white, or blue. I chose white, because read and blue are only minor in the photos and well they are very busy pictures. I am sure they look familiar to followers. These are the pictures I took when I began the carft room clean up. Yes I scrap just about every picture I take (don’t scrap pics of scrap pages). I want my future generations to really know who I was, including, my needed a nice clean house and the process it took to get me there 🙂



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4 responses to “>Happy 234th Birthday America

  1. >Awesome work – you can crank out the pages on deadline!

  2. >See, all that procrastinating on school work has paid off 😉

  3. Jen

    >I REALLY need to get back into my scrapbooks. I have neglected them for way too long. I am now following you! I can't wait to read more of your blog.

  4. >Thanks Jen 🙂 I have made myself work on stuff every night. Tonight I got started late so am going through my 04 pictures I still need to scrap. That is the album i will work on while waiting for my Feb photos to arrive 🙂

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