>I WON!!


My friend Lori at Apron Strings talked me into a camp scrap over at BigPicture.com. Well, there are a few social prizes where we just have to post something. I did not realize these prize contests were going on. Well the first one I participated in I won!! And it is another class that will help me get my layouts done!! I love a challange and that is what these classes and crops do for me!!

Below are layouts from both the crop at apron strings and the class at big picture.

Thurs night’s scrapping was a quick one and one that took me an hour and half, and it happened to be the one that I had Lori time me on, grr. tonight I got 2 done in an hour!! Lori and jennifer were not happy that I joined them by text 2 hours later and finished 2 layouts 🙂 I would have done one more, but my 8 year old wanted to make Elephant years with me for his daddy for our 10th anniversary tomorrow (we have dinner plans, so prob no scrapping tomorrow night).

Ok, onto the layouts.

Assignment 7 at apron strings was to take inspiration from one of our first layouts. This is my very first layout I did in Sept of 01, Alex was tdy for the first time, and I was pregant with Jacob. wonder if he regrets that tdy and the habit that grew from this first layout?

This is my updated layout, I took the triangles and the red and yellows. I also used the ribbon to mimic the straight red piece of card stock.

This is the layout that took me FOREVER. This was a preclass inspiration. We were to make a layout inspired by the colors in a hamburger, brown, yellow, green, red, and purple. There is very little purple and my red is pink, but here ya go 😉

Assignment 8 was to use some form of media book, movie, music, etc. I try to crop my pictures in order with the challanges. The next pictures in my stack were more of the craft room that I posted on here. so I thought of an hgtv show that I love and I have this book from it. So here is my inspiration…

the finished product!!

For my camp scrap layout tonight, the first Thurs the instructor emailed another big scrapper for inspiration about summer layouts. he suggested flourishes and fun embelishments. Well, these are not summer pictures (the whole scrap in order thing), but the idea worked because I had this awesome kit from apron strings with stickers and buttons and patterned paper that worked perfectly. I also had my trusty page map notebook and found this perfect layout.

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