>How do you organize your coupons, but the main store you shop at layout, in a box, by type?



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  1. >right now my coupons thrown in the center console in my car, then when I am needing to get something I go through it and find the ones I need. I do not like it that way. I used to have a tin I altered. In there I had them sorted by aisle according to the layout of my commissary. They were then in little snack baggies between dividers. The tin was a large recipe box holder and was too large. I have also used old envies too also according to the aisle layout. I know I like the aisle layout, just need to find the best container that is easy to transfer.

  2. >I use a small 3×5 card file with dividers (handmade). I sort them by broad catagories, like dry goods, dairy, frozen, etc.

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