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>How often do you get professional portraits taken of yourself, your kids, the entire family? Do you include pets?



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  1. >I will start with my children since theirs' is the most set. For the first year they get pictures monthly. The second year is quarterly. From there on out, it is semi-annually. I always get Halloween (because I make their costumes and want them for a future portfolio, and just cause) and Christmas photos. I have gotten better at making sure we have family photos in the fall time frame. My husband and I sometimes end up in the pictures if needed or just because it is a cute opportunity, but us getting in there is not consistant.

  2. >Family photos are a rarity unless someone takes shots at family gatherings. Kids had a 6 mo pic and then yearly until they started school – then school portraits took that spot. Matty however has not been so lucky – he had one at 3 mos. Maybe we'll get him in for a 2 y.o. shot.

  3. >once a year per kid and as a family no pets

  4. >I was told with Jacob that my subsequent kids would not get the same photo treatment. Being told that let my stubborn streak make sure otherwise!!

  5. >We are very sporadic with this but since Caleb was born in march we have had newborn shots, summer shots at 4 mo, doing pumpkin patch pics & Christmas pics…all with different photographers! I know so many great ones & its so fun to everyone's different styles! Also- I love outdoor pics more than studio when possible!

  6. >There are a lot of great photographers here. I did it for a little while in CO, but just don't seem to have the touch!! I need to have one of them work with me 🙂 I am stucking doing studio at least through Nov, because I can't afford on site. Maybe come Feb I can, though I will need March too for my birthday boys.

  7. >I have not done a studio picture in years and you would be SHOCKED that a professional can be way more afforable than a studio most time you just have to look around 🙂

  8. >Brooke, we use coupons at Target, $3.99 a sheet. I spend less than $30 a sitting and get 6 – 10 sheets of photos, which is all I need.

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