>Simple Life

>I am constanly trying to get my house under control. And well, it is a battle I am always losing…I am currently at my brother’s house, where his wife keeps things very minimal. Yes, the boys still make messes here, but they are easier to clean, and she is more on top of dishes and what not each day.

I am not at the point where I can part with a lot of my things, and I do part with stuff, but seem to add to what we have just as fast, if not faster. I am a collector. I collect things, each of my rooms seems to revolve around this theme. Plus I get attached to things. For example my oldest son’s toys. I can’t get rid of them, I want his brothers to play with them, and I want to keep them for his kids. That would be fine and dandy if I wasn’t so hung up on making sure his brothers each get new toys that were not played with the other siblings first. A part of me says I just need to store them, but the boys do play with them all!! Granted it means more stuff out and needing to be dealt with and picked up.

How do you deal with kid’s toys and just stuff in general?



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2 responses to “>Simple Life

  1. >We've chatted on this topic before – but it comes down to "Let Go." You see the kids have just as much fun without all the stuff, and life gets easier to manage . . . and clean up after. For me, unless the kids have a special attachment to a toy, it goes. Books, games, toys, stuffed animals – someone else can enjoy them. I figure the majority of stuff that I would keep for them is going to be outdated by the time the kids have their own kids. Plus, they'll want to buy differnt things so all those toys and books I kept thinking they'd be special someday, just ends up being clutter that I'm stuck with because they're not so much attached to it anymore.

  2. >If Jacob is not attached to it, it goes. Or if they just aren't good quality, it goes. But there is still a LOT left and he is just as sentimental as me…

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