Yarn H ~ Deployment Project #12

I actually made this a while back, so technically it is a lower number, but oh well, it was done while hubby is gone, so that is what matters.

I cannot remember where I got this idea, I know it was a link party at tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com.

My hubby likes to get me red roses and I like to keep them, so this is a dried rose bud that I used as an accent.  this is on a shelf in our room.  I will post more pictures of the shelf when I finish up my room 🙂  These shelves are actually deployment projects too, but their items aren’t quite done 🙂


Ugh, my 9 year old is talking my ears off and I forgot to post what in the world I did to make this!!  It is a paper mache H from Hobby lobby.  The yarn was not covering it enough so I painted it the same color as my yarn.  I then glued the end of the yarn and neatly wrapped it.  For the horizontal parts I gut strips of yarn and glued the down.  The rose is not flued down, but just resting on the H.


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