been a while

So, as usual, I over did myself on the plans…being 30 plus weeks pregnant and all you would think I would know better…and just knowing me!!  I Have gotten some crafts done though and cleaned some…so this is really going to be a random post with catch-ups…not planning on doing the list ones like I had been…they were getting old for me 🙂

This is the Mickey Mouse cross stitch I had been working on for just over a month…I really liked how it turned out…Now to get it framed 🙂  My boys loved watching it come together…I may have a house of boys, but they all still love that Mommy makes stuff for them…My 9 year old has quite the request list 🙂  As does my mom…oh if there were only more time in the day…She is here, which does help, but there is still a lot, I as a homeschooling mom and just a mom in general have to do on my own…

My next project…I started this one last Friday…the tan and almost all the yellow (not much) under his shirt is done, so I say another week and I should be done…and if I get it done by next Friday, my oldest has agreed to do all the dishes for a week 😉 If I don’t, I get to clean his room for a week 😦  I will be giving this one to a friend’s daughter that is having a baby around the same time as I am and she is doing a Pooh Bear theme…

Do you remember the Black Lab cross stitch that took me 13 years to complete…My mom wanted me to “Alter” it to include a Golden…our old dog, their current (hubby is allergic)…well there is just too much shading and I don’t trust myself to get it right…This one is at Hobby Lobby and once my cross stitch basket is done I plan to stitch it for my mom…

I am hoping to have a lot of V-Day decorations from ideas I have seen…we will see if time allows…I did get one done and am working on another…I saw this idea on eighteen25, one of my favorite craft idea blogs…actually started working on it last spring as a permamnant decoration in our bedroom…got tired of cutting circles and the pregnancy just killed my will to craft for a while…

I found a new blog yesterday that I love…it is another Catholic CC famiy and she just blogs about her home life with her kids…I want to do that more too, especially since we are military and our family is all over…so this is one of my recent pictures that I absolutely love…this is our “youngest” (for now) and he is his Daddy to a T…he looks like him, acts like him, everything about his is his Daddy, well for one thing…he loves the camera!!  My husband is not a picture person and only smiles really for family photos…Every time I pointed the camera at Robert at the sibling class he would give me this cheesey grin…this is not a new thing, but this is just one of the most recent…He definately got this from me…I love the camera…both sides taking pictures and having pictures taken…and really even when I don’t look my best, I still just try to improve myself with a run of the fingers through the hair and smile for the camera…I love pictures, they are connection to the past, and I want that for my kids and future generations…(scrapbooking is a favorite of mine too…plan to really work on that when cross stitching is caught up).

Speaking of not looking so great for an impromptue picture and not even realizing my tummy was showing!!  As I have mentioned I homeschool our oldest…Last Thurs we had a mom’s get together, just to get us out of the house…We are all a part of a great Co-op called Classical Conversations (CC)…Jacob’s tutor, Jodie, is also a massage therapist and knows how to give foot messages to pregnant women that does not put them into labor…well, while I was getting one I was surprised with gifts from some of the moms…It was such a nice surprise I had no clue…so though it wasn’t an office Baby Shower, I was showered with gifts 🙂  so that page in the baby book will get these photos…and yes, I had the camera with me and though I had no make up and had no clue, I still wanted pictures…(only wish Robert had a shower of some sort…he is my only one that didn’t 😦 ).


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