Today is my mom’s birthday…since she is here with us we took her to dinner…we did have to wait a bit since they need a large enough table for the 6 of us…the boys did great and since we made them wait for soda’s or drinks other than water, they did really well with their dinner too…It was as we were leaving that my evening got scarey…there was a group of kids acting wierd outside…Alex was still inside with Patrick…I just wanted to get everyone in the car…My mom waiting outside for Patrick so he could get in the car…as Alex came out with him, he was upset…he thought his drink got tossed…I grabbed it…shortly after Alex got him in the car (my mom still standing outside), two car flew through the paking lot…right where we had crossed and my husband and son crossed moments before…as we were driving home I could help but think had they come out moments later, they may have been hit…my husband and son may have been gone from me forever…until we all are in Heaven together…that thought has been with me all evening…I try to keep reminding myself, that in God’s timing, Patrick was fully in the car and Alex was watching and standing back and not going around the car…though I was still scared to death, cops showed up shortly after…I am just glad to be home and have my family safe with me…I may not show it all the time, but I love my family so much, they are my whole world…


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