Valentines Day

Working a little out of order here…but trying to update my posts…

We had a nice V-Day last week…though my poor husband for the 4th time has tried to order me flowers…(1st time, while at school for our anniversary, 2nd time to be delived at a dinner for my 30th b-day, 3rd again for our anniversay)…he got an email that there was no one to deliver them from ftd so the order was being canceled…now to watch and make sure the money shows back up in our account…For some reason God does not want the man to give me roses anymore…

Anyway, it was still a very nice evening and even though he was tired he played with the boys and just hung out with me after checking out my gifts to him…plus originally he wasn’t even supposed to be home yet…

The setup for hubby…I made him a basket with a poem that went with all the contents, a dozen balloons with Krispie Kreme coupons attached and 12 reasons why I love him…and then a banner

I liked the cuteness of this idea, but I really like that it makes a nice snack basket for while we are in the hospital…should prob check the bananas though…forgot they were in there and the pickle since I forgot to buy a jar 😉

Banner…most were already done, but I had to come up with some, and well my creativeness was not there…oh well…still cute…I adhered them to cardstock and then sewed them together…all using up stash 🙂

Barnes and Noble had a nice 75% off table after Christmas, so I got the boys’ gifts early…Jacob really likes his rainy day activity box…it has games, jokes, and a few puzzle books 🙂

Robert and Patrick got some nice Thomas trains for less than $10 each thanks to that sale…we have another set, will save it for Patrick’s b-day…

The boys helping Daddy enjoy his V-day presents…you should have seen all the balloons stuffed in my little closet when he got home and I wasn’t done yet…

Daddy kept making a big deal about the cards saying one free doughnut…the boys thought it was great…

And we have to have a blast playing with the balloons, which are still touching the ceiling a week later…


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